When: Fri 18/03 + Sat 19/03/2022

Where: Sint-Annazaal, Aalst

Roklijf 4

9300 AALST

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Friday: Doors 18:30

Start: 19:00

Saturday: Doors 14:00

Start: 14:30

Public Transport

Train: Aalst Station lies on train line Oostende/Gent/Brussel/Leuven/Hasselt

Bus: Take bus "Lijn 4" (Nieuwerkerken - Hof Zomergem). There is a stop as close as 100m from the venue.


Our visitors can stay in Ibis Hotel Aalst at a special Oilsjt Omploft discount rate. Do contact us for more info!

If you stay at Ibis, you can use the shuttlebus from/to the hotel, which is on request and free donation.


Hungry punks, thrashers & hardcore kids can try our very own Oilsjt Omploft catering, with both meat and vegan food, all at very democratic prices.


As last year, there will be a tent outside for bandmerch and a few distros.


The general Oilsjt Omploft merch and the leftover 2019 shirt aside, we also present you a special 2022 edition shirt.


At general request, we introduced the option of buying tokens with electronic payment (Bankcontact), for a minimum amount of €10. For entrytickets, only cash payment is possible.


In case of ticket issues, your fastest way to help is to contact te contacteren, iif possible, including screenshots. For other issues and questions, mail


Doors 18:30
??? (??) 19:00 - 19:30
??? (??)20:00 - 20:40
Carnation (be) 21:10 - 22:10
Cyclone (be)22:40 - 00:00


Thrash Metal (be)

Although Cyclone originally started out in Vilvoorde in 1981, it's safe to say that this Belgian thrashband is at home in Aalst. Their first festival appearance, supporting Destruction at St-Annazaal in … yes, Aalst, is stated as a landmark gig, selling shitloads of "In The Grip of Evil" demos and setting hell loose for years to come.

Despite two highly acclaimed albums, a solid live reputation supporting bands like Metallica, Kreator, Sepultura, Slayer, Overkill, Anthrax,… and the perfect momentum that the 80's were for thrash metal, Cyclone didn't quite get the recognition that they deserved and called it quits in 1993. Nevertheless, a big (inter)national cult status and following was and still is their part.

Fast forward 25 years, Stefaan Daamen and Guido Gevels join forces with Matthias Debaets ( ex-Indemnity) on drums, Kevin Verleysen on lead guitar and Vincent Heyman on bass, bringing Cyclone back to life. While their first small tryouts in 2019 proved that Cyclone is definitely back, Oilsjt Omploft 2022 promises to be their first headline show, back at St-Annazaal! Ready for another landmark?!


Death metal (be)

Our very own death metal pride could not be missed on this party right? If they can tear down the walls at the Asakusa Deathfest and rock the boat at 70000 tons of Metal, they are very welcome to repeat this at Oilsjt Omploft.

Since their previous passage in Aalst in 2019, the release of their 2nd full album "Where Death Lies" solidified their status as strongholders of the Belgian Death metal scene. Think Swedish style (Entombed, Bloodbath) or English style (Bolt Thrower) heavyness. And wasn't it the latter that was once compared with a groundsplitting chainsaw? No further comment!


Doors 14:00
Bezette Stad (be) 14:30 - 14:50
Speed Queen (be) 15:15 - 15:45
Reproach (be) 16:10 - 16:35
BÜtchter (be) 17:00 - 17:40
Victims (swe) / Bleakness (fr) 18:05 - 19:05
Doom (uk) 19:30 - 20:20
Xentrix (uk) 20:45 - 21:35
Wolfbrigade (swe) 22:00 - 22:50
Onslaught (uk)23:20 - 00:30


Thrash Metal (uk)

Started out as punk/hardcore band in the earthshaking Britcore scene in the early '80s. Very soon after evolved to European thrash pioneer. Yes, this does look like the perfect application for the Oilsjt Omploft line-up! Result: absolute classics like "Power From Hell" and "The Force". Those who doubt Onslaught's relevance should listen to the recently released, and very well received, album "Generation Antichrist", the first one with new vocalist David Garnett. For sure more than nostalgia!


Hardcore / Punk / D-Beat (swe)

As one of the premier acts in their genre, D-Beat influenced Wolfbrigade, formed in 1995 and initially know as Wolfpack, choose their selective gigs very carefully. In 2019, Wolfbrigade played 6 shows, including 3 shows in the US and Mexico, while earlier years include exclusive shows at Hellfest, Pitfest, Roadburn Festival, … But make no mistake, over the years, these Lycantho punks has released an impressive back catalogue and have done their touring part. Expect hardcore/punk, yet perfectly balanced with that typical Scandinavian melodic darkness and socio-political motivated lyrics. November 8th marks the release of their brand new album "The Enemy: Reality" on the renowned Southern Lord Records. Don't miss them, as Oilsjt Omploft is one of their few confirmed shows for 2022.


Thrash Metal (uk)

How many European thrashbands play "US style thrash" without sounding "copycatting"? Well, Xentrix is one of those chosen few. Just like Onslaught they have two absolute classics in their catalogue, with albums such as "Shattered Existence" ('89) en "For Whose Advantage?" ('90). But, as you, loyal Oilsjt Omploft visitor, might know, we like our classic bands releasing new music as well. What about "Bury The Pain"? Maybe the best thrash album of 2019? No need to mention their brilliant "Ghostbusters" cover, that enjoyed more than frequent spins on MTV's Headbangers Ball.


Hardcore / Punk / D-Beat (swe)

Yes … Wolfbrigade … Victims … we're going "Sweden" this year. Victims formed back in 1997 with the simple aim of playing hardcore punk rock, straight up and right to the point, with particular influences being Swedish Discharge-style and 80's American hardcore. Over the years, and influenced by highs and lows, joy and tragedy, their albums became longer, darker, more aggressive and more politically charged, and then again more rougher, thrashier, only to return to their straight-on hardcore/punk approach. Never lacking stage energy, Victims did countless European and US tours with prominent metal, punk, hardcore bands and managed to get appreciated by underground crust hardcore/punks at the same time as releasing records on Relapse Records and playing stages like Roadburn Festival. Whatever background you have, this is a must-see!


Speed / Thrash Metal (be)

It must be said, in all honesty, that we have build een small reputation in the more dirty and dark component of the thrash genre. Think about Aura Noir or Midnight concerts?! As with Ketzer in 2013, we decided to put on of those blackened bands on our Oilsjt Omploft Fest. Bütcher themselves claim to play true old style speed speed metal. Who are we to deny that statement? Either way, great fit to this years line-up!


Hardcore / Punk (be)

Reproach does not like long songs! Reproach does not like long biographies. Reproach likes fast, thrashy hardcore punk songs. Reproach likes skating. Reproach likes chaos and stagedives. Reproach doesn't want to do die without scars. Reproach will kick your ass! Better be warned!


Speed Metal

When Artillery played Dendermonde in 2016, vzw Hambiance introduced this band as opener. A few years and a strong live reputation later, it's about time to have these fine gentlemen over in Aalst, at Oilsjt Omploft. If only to display the difference between old skool speed metal (what these guys play) and thrash metal. Think Evil Invaders, or Enforcer, who already conquered our stage. Take a big heap of no-nonsense heavy metal and play it faster than the rest of the peloton. That's how you win a race. As simple as that!


Hardcore / Punk / D-Beat

Bezette Stad is a last call for revolution. Angry political D-beat Crustnoise. Did we say "Angry"? We meant very very very angry! You might see some familiar faces. By the way, this wil be their first show (for now)!


Hardcore / Postpunk

The need to express feelings of unease from witnessing the frustration and desperation spawned out of an oppressive system, is what formed Bleakness. The band evolved from playing local shows and fast hardcore/punk to a more darker postpunk influence and tours in France and abroad. Their latest album, FUNCTIONNALY EXTINCT, translates the anger and sadness of the French youth in and 80’s postpunk sound. Are you ready for some pissed off French hardcore/punks?!


Friday: €20

Saturday: €22

Combi: €39

- Both combi and daytickets include all costs.

- Presale ends on 17/03 at midnight

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