When: Fri 22/03 + Sat 23/03/2024

Where: Sint-Annazaal, Aalst

Roklijf 4

9300 AALST

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Friday: Doors 18:00

Start: 18:30

Saturday: Doors 12:30

Start: 13:00

Public Transport

Train: Aalst Station lies on train line Oostende/Gent/Brussel/Leuven/Hasselt

Bus: Take bus "Lijn 4" (Nieuwerkerken - Hof Zomergem). There is a stop as close as 100m from the venue.


We would like to refer Oilsjt Omploft visitors to Ibis Hotel Aalst. When you sign in through to the "ALL" program, you can get a discount on the public tarives.

If you stay at Ibis, you can use the shuttlebus from/to the hotel, which will run every 30 minutes. If things get busy, more drives will be happen.

- Friday: Every 30 minutes from 18:00 to 01:00

- Saturday Every 30 minutes from 12:00 to 01:00

WARNING! Ibis Hotel just has a few rooms left for both days!


Hungry punks, thrashers & hardcore kids can try our very own Oilsjt Omploft catering, with both meat and vegan food, all at very democratic prices.


As last year, there will be a tent outside for bandmerch and Lost Culture Records


On top of some leftover skateboards and shirts from older editions, we have the brandnew 2024 shirt, including all bands on the back! Oilsjt Omploft "Since 2012" shirt, hoodie, crewneck and beanie are always available.tshirts


YES, we do accept both CASH and ELECTRONIC PAYMENT (Bankcontact) for buying tokens, merch or paying your entrance tickets at the door.


We will start using re-usable drinking cups this year, WITHOUT DEPOSIT. Needless to say, these cups cost money, so we kindly as all you polite punks, hardcore kids and thrashers to return them to the bars of provided containers.


Check out the 15 Oilsjt Omploft bands and more band from upcoming Rock 'n Load Concerts and vzw Hambiance shows in the playlist below!


For issues and questions, mail


Doors 18:00
The End Of Ernie18:30 - 19:00
Midnight Tattoo19:25 - 19:55
Varukers20:20 - 21:05
Lion's Law21:30 - 22:20
The Exploited22:45 - 23:55



The Exploited

Punk (sco)

At last!..the number 1 on our punk bucket list will headline Oilsjt Omploft 2024. What's more to say here folks? From their legendary debut album "Punks Not Dead" (big bang of motorpunk) to "Fuck The System" (punkmetal classic), this band lived up to their reputation, carved in stone. We just can't wait to hear Wattie pump up our crowd even more in that juicy Scottish accent of his. As if that would be necessary anyway? Not! It might even lead to a rush on tickets, so don't hold back, so you can utter a genuine "I was there" for years to come lads und lassies.

Lion's Law

Streetpunk / Oi (fr)

Call it Oi! or streetpunk, it doesn't matter! As long as you built up the necessary credibility and get it right on stage. And these uncrowned kings of afore mentioned genres did just that on the European continent on festivals like The Sound Of Revolution or Ieperfest, but likewise on Loco Loco Fest a few years ago at Nijdrop. They turned out to be the "surprise of the day" in Opwijk and that might just repeat itself this year on our very own Oilsjt Omploft.


Punk / D-beat (uk)

These rascals were part of last year's line-up, but unfortunately never made it onto the stage. They will more than make up for it this year. And we still stand behind every word of last year's press release. So now, it's about bloody time that these guys are on our bill. As a vital part of the UK '82 scene they deserve it anyway. In the latter part of their career they would more or less stick to the D-beat style (see Discharge) hardcore punk, but that's equally suited for our audience. We were already acquainted with these guys, because of their club show at Cinema in Aalst and they were just a nice bunch of guys as well. With the Varukers things could go wild (in the good sense of the word of course), so let yourself go.

Midnight Tattoo

Streetpunk (be)

Holding the Antwerp/Belgian streetpunk/oi flag up high since 2010, Midnight Tattoo have basically seen it all and are ready for more. Apart from playing shitloads of shows, one of the reasons that created their following is the scene involvement of this threepiece. Putting on shows, going to shows, just being real deal punk/oi guys the way it's supposed to be. Sing-a-long streetpunk with their heart on their sleeve, plain and simple.

The End of Ernie

Punk / Hardcore / Crust (be)

There are these bands, who are getting approval from the punks, from day one of their existence. End Of Ernie certainly fits the bill here. And day one was way back in '89 for these lads. They never lost an inch of their dedication and always performed with that unmistakable dose of intensity at their shows. They even pulled of the difficult task of evolving, with the new musical changes of the day from time to time. Not too much though, otherwise they won't be on our bill this year.


Doors 12:30
Freddie and the Vangrails13:00 - 13:30
Devastatiön13:55 - 14:25
Lowest Creature14:50 - 15:20
Grade Two15:45 - 16:25
Knife16:50 - 17:30
Dust Bolt17:55 - 18:35
Stupids19:00 - 19:50
Cyclone20:15 - 21:15
Peter and the Test Tube Babies21:40 - 22:40
Vio-Lence23:05 - 00:05


Thrash Metal (us)

It had to happen one day of course: a true bay-area thrash band on our stage. And with preference, one with a bit of a musical twist. Sean Killian and his Vio-lence are part of the big 6 (Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Lääz Rockit and Forbidden) from San Fransisco, but always had a bit more of an in your face attitude, and yes a punk vibe. So that works very well with Oilsjt Omploft. En just nowadays a well known Belgian compadre is playing the bass in the band. You can find out who for yourselves on the world wide web.

Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Punk (uk)

Let's not kid ourselves here; even for us it will always be a proud moment to welcome a first generation punk band on our stage. Founded in 1978! And 45 years later on Oisjt Omploft folks. And these gentlemen in particular put a big smile on our face. Everybody is familiar with their great lyrics and inimitable "tongue in cheek" comedy. And let that be a part of the DNA of our festival crowd and as a matter of fact every real "Oilsjteneir". And they maintained their sense of authenticity in their line-up and stage presence.


Thrash Metal (be)

We don't consider ourselves to be a difficult bunch of lads. So, if the people want Cyclone on our stage again, than we just ask them if they are available. Each Cyclone show is special, never going through the motions as leader Guido Gevels would proudly tell ya all. And certainly not this time, when their old peers Vio-lence are on the same bill. And when old friends meet again, there's always that funny atmosphere of a huge….party hanging around. Cyclone still has a few Oisjt Omploft veterans in their line-up and they play with a grizzly sense of perfection nowadays. Be there or be square!


Hardcore / Punk (uk)

These gentlemen can't be unknown to our die hard festival crowd (and luckily that number is still growing everybody). They saved the day for us in 2017 by replacing not one but two bands on the bill, and they did so with great aplomb dear friends. On the famous "Tankard-editon" of Oilsjt Omploft, they set the place on fire so to speak. It was about time to let these guys know, that they could also be first choice on our festival. Brace yourselves and party away, in total harmony with everybody else in the venue of course.

Dust Bolt

Thrash Metal (ger)

We might repeat ourselves here, but when it comes to contemporary thrash bands, we're kind of picky. But this band won the Wacken Battle Of The Bands in 2011 as a German thrash bands in their home country. And in Germany of all places the bar is raised quite high. More than 10 years later they are more relevant than ever. On this very moment of writing, we are in great anticipation of their latest album "Sound & Fury", to be released a few weeks before our festival.

Grade 2

Punkrock (uk)

A healthy dose of streetpunk from "The Albion" is almost an obligation on our festival. They hale from The Isle Of Wight my dear friends. They can also consider themselves to be cherished by none other than Rancid's Tim Armstrong on his Hellcat label, which might have had something to do with their awesome live track record the past few Years. Many of you saw them supporting Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion, Interrupters and of course Rancid. The Rock'n Load chief describes them as being much rawer and straight forward live in comparison to their albums. Find of this year maybe.


Blackened thrash (ger)

If you describe your own band as blackened speed metal/punk, you'll show up on our radar. We just like these kind of thrash acts, that walk on the fringes of the genre. Just think about bands like Evil Shepherd, Ketzer or Bütcher on previous editions. The band is hot at the moment, with their latest album "Heaven Into Dust" as proof. They even graced the stages of Wacken Open Air this year, now Aalst is calling them.

Lowest Creature

Thrash Metal (swe)

Not the first Scandinavian band on the bill and that's no coincidence. It's part of their DNA to make a greasy kind of thrash stew, with a darker edge and oh yeah, a punk attitude. In this category we can also place Lowest Creature, who are in the process of releasing their latest album "Witch Supreme" to the world, while you are reading these biography notes. Testimony to all of the above is the simple fact, that some tracks were distributed amongst the Oilsjt Omploft team and unanimously approved.


Thrash metal (be)

Take your beat-up car and look for a deserted dirt road without any trees on the side. You hit the gas and put some old skool trash in your tape deck. You start headbanging then, without hitting the dashboard. Afterwards you decide to form your own band and call it Devastatiðn. A Couple of centuries later, you tear down the roof with your set at Oilsjt Omploft.

Freddie and the Vangrails

Punk / Hardcore (be)

We are gonna keep this short and without any shame, we'll copy their own description on the band camp page: "Four idiots born & bred at the most obnoxious shithole around, The Pi''s. Crankin' out loud old school P.U.N.K., fuelled by cheap beer and a lunatic singer. We ain't musicians!!". We simply can't put in into words any better. Ponk!


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